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Welcome to mywinnipegweddings.ca. I hope you will find the information in it helpful in planning your wedding ceremony. It is based on my experience officiating at over 2,000 weddings.

Most books on weddings that I have studied aren't very helpful when it comes to the wording of the ceremony itself. Although some may contain a sample ceremony, there isn't much guidance if you want to make changes so that the ceremony expresses what the two of you feel about marriage and about each other.

I present a sample of my standard ceremony, accompanied by some different options to choose from if you want to change different parts of the ceremony--the introduction, the vows, the rings, the declaration. Many couples are content to follow the standard ceremony. Other couples prefer to write the whole ceremony. Still others prefer to write their own vows or to include poetry readings. The information should help you custom-tailor your ceremony. You can copy and paste together the parts to create a unique, personal statement of your togetherness.

mywinnipegweddings.ca is still under construction. I plan to add information about getting a marriage license in Manitoba, how to deal with photographers and videographers, plus helpful hints on many other issues relating to the wedding ceremony.

Some couples like to interview Marriage Commissioners before they decide who will officiate at their wedding. Feel free to contact me if you wish to meet or if you have any questions: 475-9727 or gordon204@shaw.ca.

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